This one needs you 🙋

Happy on your feedback.

Hey guys,

Happy Friday!

First, thanks for all who supported the Lancerlot launch last week🙏. Disclaimer: you could still do it here from here.

I am continuing with the newsletter and aiming to grow it :)

As one of my goals is to build a community of tech freelancers and small agencies that is helpful and useful, I wanted to get some feedback from you how to move forward.

Namely, I wanted to ask you 2 quick questions that would greatly help me :) Really appreciate, if you cast your vote, especially for the topics you’d want to read about.

📰What would you like to read about?

1. More Sales and Marketing stuff Vote here

2. More organisational and finance stuff Vote here

3. Anything...Vote here

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✋How about a Discord/Slack community where we could discuss and help each other?

1. Hell Yeah! Vote here

2. Nope, don't have time for this! Vote here

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Every other idea is welcome as a comment or DM.

As always share the newsletter with your friends and looking forward to hear from you.

PS: if you wonder how much would you help me, here is a photo from my newsletter idea generating process. 😀