Weekly tips: 3 exciting tech news and the business opportunities they offer.

for tech freelancers and agencies.

Hey guys,
Hope you are having a successful week and survived the Facebook crash ;)
This week I would try to do a different type of weekly tips.. As the above-mentioned event dominated the headlines, I decided to highlight 3 news that flew under the radar but could hold a lot of opportunities for tech freelancers and agencies. Lets begin…

1. đź“ą Live-Video becomes more developer-friendlyđź“ą

The Covid situation rushed companies and people to develop live-video/audio applications. I guess most of you have had such clients coming to you with such projects. Despite recent tech progress developing such solutions, it (WebRTC…) is still complex and somewhat expensive. Well, a company called 100ms raised money this week to tackle this problem. They provide SDK that allows adding custom Zoom-style video conferencing inside any app within hours. Not only that but they are running a promo, celebrating the fundraising milestone and offer 10,000 minutes free.

What does this mean for freelancers and agencies?

Well, next time you have a project request or RFP that includes a video conferencing solution you would be able to quote it at half the price of the competition while having a hefty margin!

2. đź’˝ Cloudflare and cheap storage

If you use Amazon S3, your biggest headache expense is the outbound transfer. Last week, Cloudflare announced R2 storage where they totally eliminate* the bandwidth fees and only charge $0.015 per GB of data stored per month. That's even cheaper than DigitalOcean, which charges $5 for 250GB storage and 1TB transfer.

What does it mean for freelancers and agencies?

You’d be able to save a lot from the bills of your clients, who have high transfer data products: e.g sharing photos apps etc. It is still early days and in beta, but I would keep an eye on Cloudflare. Who knows, one day being a Cloudflare consultant/freelancer could be as lucrative as being an AWS one.

3. 🖼️ NFTs hit 10.7bln USD sales in Q3, new niche?

You probably have heard the NFT(Non-Fungible Tokens). In case not, here is a short intro
Despite being somewhat controversial, NFTs are here to stay and big companies like Visa, Disney are getting into the industry.

What does this mean for freelancers and agencies?

As the NFT space grows there is a need for talent: developers, designers and marketers. It could become a lucrative niche for freelancers and agencies that have some domain knowledge, experience, and portfolio in it. You could be one of the pioneers and command higher rates. Although having blockchain knowledge is prefered a lot of projects are looking for good designers and web devs.
In case you are interested in this topic, hit me up and I could provide you with good beginner materials.

That wraps it up. Thanks to all who participated in the voting last week's poll, you rock! Let me know if you like such roundup articles with business flair.