Weekly tips: 4 Tips to Thrive During the Busy Autumn Period 🍂

+Launch Date of Lancerlot.

Hey guys,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend :)
The good news is first, we would open the early launch promo for Lancerlot next Friday: 24 of September and The International Freelancers Day. You would have the chance to be one of the first to get access for just $29. Stay tuned for a promo email early next week. So be ready 🚀🚀🚀

Now to the interesting part: September is usually the time when the busiest period of the year for tech freelancers and agencies starts. Clients come with last-minute Christmas projects, frozen projects get moving and usually you’d have a lot of on your plate… We will give you several tips to thrive during Q4 and end the year on a high note.

1. Have your systems in check:

Usually, there would be a great inflow of clients and requests during this period. Make sure all systems and automation are in check so that you do not waste time and could keep up with the demand.

Contract and Proposal Templates: templates that you could easily customize and send out should the client requests them.

Invoices: accounting software and invoice tracking tool in place. We would provide a handy one in Notion in Lancerlot.

Appointment Scheduling: tools like Calendly to help clients book meetings directly with you rather than wasting time in emails between each other.

Client Onboarding: have a template that you could easily fill in and send to a client: briefing him on most important points, ways of work etc.

2. Have your partnership network ready

If you have too much work on your plate you could always check with fellow partners to help you out. You could subcontract or directly point the client towards them for a referral fee.

3. Talk with clients about their unused budget

If you work with mid to large-size companies(especially agencies), you’d know that end of the year is usually the time when companies realize they have some unused budget! Usually, if they do not book it till the end of the year, they would lose it. Many times they are looking to invest in some technology that would help their processes or operations in the next year. Here is where you could come to the picture and could proactively ask about their plans, brainstorm, and discuss some ideas. You could try to close the deal and have the project for Q1 (when is less busy).

4. Review pricing

If you are fully booked and still have a plethora of new client requests, you could simply experiment with pricing. Now is the time to tell new clients those big rates you have dreamed about. If you are fully booked, you have nothing to lose.
Not only that but the end of the year is usually a good time to review your current rates and also notify clients that you would be increasing them next year. Just give them a good transition period of at least one or two months.

So that’s it. Let’s go and make a great end of the year. Again share the newsletter with your friends and colleagues